Saschweb n’ Blogging

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Welcome to the new Saschweb now in WordPress. Today’s market requires more flexibility and dynamism. Businesses and their practices change more rapidly and clients are more attentive to how they spend their money, and how to promote their services. With a Blog or CMS, clients have three main advantages over static old websites: 1. They are going to save over future changes because now they do not rely on a web designer and their high fees but can update their content on their own. 2. Update their business’ latest news, special offer, talk about what’s going on and being always up-to-date with fresh info about their business practice. Still at zero costs. And 3. By keeping fresher content on their website, they actually improve their website visibility by improving website ranking on major Search Engines: Google, Yahoo and Bing matter of fact love fresh and original content. Blogging also grows content quantity with the result of increasing visibility by major Search Engine. Clients today request CMSs more often. CMSs are very powerful tools and have become very common for their user-friendly ability to update content by the website owner without programming knowledge and, most important, without webmaster’s expensive working time. CMSs and Blogs are more expensive to set up but clients are going to save in the long run because they do not need much support to manage them. Hope you enjoy and feel free to contact me with any question.

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